Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

There are strange things in our world. Hopewell Rock is definitely one of them. We are in the Bay of Fundy about 300 km before Halifx.

The flower pot rocks …

The Hopewell Rocks, also known as flowerpot rocks, are rock formations formed by tidal erosion. The tidal range is an enormous 14 m high. This corresponds to a 4-storey house. It takes place, because the water squeezes through a narrow place at high tide. It can no longer flow back and accumulates. So far the scientific explanation.

An inspection is possible only under consideration of the tides. The 160 trillion tons of water come quickly … and disappear just as quickly. That can be dangerous.

… by kayak

Berni and I are lucky: We arrive at Hopewell Rock Park at exactly the right time to explore the flower pots with the kayaks. It’s hight tide and our entrance at the boat dock is perfect. We have a time window of 3 hours. Time enough to check every rock.

… by foot

What a different picture we have the next day! Wendy, Berni and I can’t believe it. Our flower pots stand on completely dry feet. Where has the sea gone?

It’s a shame the weather’s not so good. It is humid from below and from above. It almost seems as if the flowers in the rock pots have to be watered extensively.