Goodbye North America

Goodbye North America

Every journey comes to an end at some point. Also ours. It was a great time we had together and could share with everyone who followed our blog.
We were happy about all the comments about our adventures via email or WhatApp, and I would like to end the trip with your words for once. Thank you for being there!


Hello, you two globetrotters and Johnny,
I’m glad you let me participate so well in your experiences. If all this is not a great basis for stories worth reading. To you in everything you do, good success, curiosity, accident-free trips by water and bus, beautiful photos and above all health and little bureaucracy on your routes. (…)
Greetings and all the best in a harmonious community, and that Johnny always has a good nose.
Cordially B.


… and I am simply happy that you are well and that you have taken the right out of it to simply experience, discover and try something new. That gives strength – and reaches atmospherically to Bulach in my little room.
See you soon! Your Miss Still

16.11 18_______________________________________

Hello, you two, 
send my best to you. Was just on your blog and I am very happy for you what you experience everything! I am still curious and stay healthy!
P. K


Hi Berni
On this way we wish you all the best for your birthday and a lot of fun on your round trip through the USA. I follow your blog and am enthusiastic about the recordings, the appropriate comments and descriptions. While reading the blog I am almost on a short vacation.
Best regards M.W.


Hello Renate and Bernie (and of course Jonny)
Happy New Year to you all and that your journey continues so well. It’s great what you do and experience and Renate always describes it in her own exciting and varied style. You think it could be a great book, which stands out from the crowd of usual travel descriptions. Keep up the good work. Greetings from grey and cold Germany, 


Hahaha! (…) That’s great! Have a lot of fun further on …
See you soon in this cinema.


Hello, dear ones in the most extreme areas of the USA, Renate and Berni with Johnny,
first again thank you for all the great impressions, pictures, descriptions and signs of life of your intensive holiday far away from home. You can only experience this once, and this with great curiosity for the unexpected, the grandiose, the unique. Your daring requires perseverance, health and certain instinct, vision, skill and photographic ability, as well as the art of putting everything into words so well. (…) Such a journey in twos, mostly into the unknown, binds and forms a basis with an infinite number of shared experiences, requires reliable trust and consideration at all times. You, on tour, continue to enjoy beautiful moments with “Oh effects”, and stay healthy. Beautiful birthday party and God’s benevolence and protection.
Cordially B.S. 


Hello, you three,
every holiday comes to an end, (…) We know that you had a great time, which of course includes some adventures. We are glad to have met you and hope for further contact. Now we wish you a good journey home and hopefully not too stressful acclimatization.
Best regards H & K


Good morning,
Soon your grand adventure to North America will be coming to an end!  You will have a lot of great memories of all the places you have seen, the people you have met and the experiences you have enjoyed – or not!  It is unfortunate more people do not travel the way you do.  It is so much more enlightening than staying in hotels and getting structured tours from paid guides.  You now know more about America than 99% of the people who live here!  People will often ask you what you enjoyed most.  There will be no easy answer because you had so many unique and diverse experiences.  It has been a lot of fun for us to follow your travels, see your photos and view your blog.  Thank you for sharing that with us.  We really enjoyed your visit and a chance to get to know all three of you a bit better. (…) Have a safe and enjoyable trip home.  You will probably have to wait a couple of weeks for the yellow Post-bus to catch up to you.  I assume that you have an alternative means of transportation in Germany.  Johnny will once again be in his regular home and bed.  This has been a very long trip for him!  We enjoyed the photos of him navigating the kayak!
Safe travels!
R. and S.